St Thomas Hotels and Other Accommodations

St Thomas hotels: the variety of accommodations you'll find can seem overwhelming.

From luxury hotels and mega-resorts to smaller inns and hotels; from condo resorts to bed and breakfasts; from luxury villas to small guesthouses, you'll encounter almost every kind of place imaginable.

So how do you choose?

There are lots of things you should consider when deciding on where you'll stay on St Thomas. Here are some suggestions:

  • Your budget. Do you have a lot to spend, a moderate amount, or will you stick to a tight budget?

  • Location: do you want to be on the beach, in town, or up high on a hill?

  • Do you prefer somewhere small and intimate, a medium-sized place, or a huge mega-resort?

  • Do you want privacy and seclusion or do you prefer the hustle and bustle of the crowds?

  • Will you travel around the island to enjoy the sights and activities, or do you prefer to have everything "at your fingertips"?
When it comes to St Thomas hotels, you'll find most of the smaller hotels, inns, and guesthouses in and around Charlotte Amalie. These places vary considerably in price from quite modest to quite pricey.

There are also several larger hotels in and nearby town.

On the other hand, the large, expensive, luxury resorts are generally spread along the eastern section of St Thomas, on some of the island's best beaches.

In addition to all of these choices, you'll find a wide variety of private homes, villas, and condominiums for rent around the island.

Now, let's have a look at some of your choices in St Thomas hotels.

St Thomas Resorts: Luxury Mega-resorts

So, what do I mean by "mega-resort"? These are the large, self-contained, beachfront resorts that host an entire array of amenities and services right on-site.

These are the kinds of places where people can stay for days on end, while enjoying all sorts of vacation activities, without ever leaving the resort.

These mega-resorts offer many rooms (sometimes hundreds) and multiple on-site amenities such as gyms, spas, watersports centers, shops, and restaurants.

The level of service at these resorts is generally very high. The rooms, facilities, and grounds are luxurious. And, yes, the cost to stay at these places reflects the level of luxury and service that you receive.

For a guide to Luxury St Thomas Resorts, click here.

St Thomas Hotels: Small Inns and Hotels

There are several excellent choices in this class of accommodations. Several are right in Charlotte Amalie, several more nearby. The level of luxury, quality, services, and amenities range considerably among these places, as do the prices.

Click here for a guide to the smaller hotels and inns on St Thomas.

St Thomas Hotels: Medium and Large Hotels and Resorts

When it comes to the medium-to-large class of St Thomas accommodations, you'll find a number of good choices. These hotels range from modest to quite luxurious. Most of these places are in or near Charlotte Amalie. A few are in other areas of the island.

These places vary considerably in services and amenities. Prices vary accordingly.

For a description of medium to large hotels on St Thomas, click here.

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