Virgin Island Hotels

Small and Medium Sized Virgin Islands Hotels

You'll find that there's a wide variety of small to medium Virgin Island hotels available. These hotels vary enormously in level of accommodations, luxury, and services.

In general, though, their smaller size means a more intimate, personalized experience than you're likely to get at one of the larger hotels in the Virgin Islands.

The range starts with modest budget accommodations offering just the minimum of services and amenities. These places are popular with small business travelers and tourists on a tight budget. They're certainly not luxurious, but in general, the accommodations are clean, decent, and comfortable.

At the next level are those smaller hotels which offer a better array of amenities, often including a pool and restaurant. These places typically offer more services than the budget hotels, and the rooms are generally better appointed and more comfortable. As you'd expect, the prices are higher at these medium-level hotels than at the budget places.

You might be surprised to find that there are also some quite luxurious small and medium sized hotels in the Virgin Islands.

Although they seldom offer the huge array of activities and entertainment of the big mega-resorts, they still offer extremely nice accommodations, with beautifully appointed, comfortable rooms, and very high-quality service. Prices are generally lower than at the big luxury resorts.

In many cases, these smaller hotels will have an arrangement for their guests to enjoy the facilities of one of the nearby large resorts.

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