Virgin Island Vacation Safety

A Few Precautions

Follow these simple guidelines to keep your Virgin Island vacation fun and safe.

There is crime in the Virgin Islands, more so on St Thomas and St Croix, but there's even some on little St John. A few simple measures can make the difference during your stay.

Don't leave valuables at the beach or visible in your car. If you leave valuables in your room, keep them out of sight. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry unnecessarily.

After dark, avoid walking streets beyond the well-lit tourist areas, especially if you're alone. Although violence against tourists isn't common, muggings do happen.

Avoid the crime- and drug-infested public housing projects at all times. In Christiansted and Charlotte Amalie particularly, these areas can be just a block or two from popular tourist streets.

Be aware that tourist maps can be deceiving.
Attractions on a map may seem close together when they're actually separated
by rough neighborhoods. If you're unsure whether an area is safe, ask in the tourist shops or at your hotel.

In general, exercise common sense. Use the same normal caution on your Virgin Islands vacation that you would in any city.

Virgin Island Vacation Safety

For Women Travelers

If you're a woman traveling alone, you need to exercise a higher level of care. Always maintain an awareness of your surroundings.

Harassment by local men (things like catcalls and lewd gestures) is not uncommon. Your best strategy in such circumstances is to ignore the harasser and move on. Expressing your displeasure may only make the situation worse.

An unaccompanied woman in a bar, nightclub, or restaurant is almost certain to be approached by local men. Some men seem unwilling to take "no" for an answer.

There seems to be a prevailing attitude among certain local men that any unaccompanied female on vacation must be seeking a steamy island encounter. So again, exercise common sense and an extra degree of caution and awareness.

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