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"WOW!"... That was the first thing I said, all those years ago, when I stepped off the plane in the Virgin Islands for the first time. I was just a kid of 13 and it was our family's first overseas, "exotic" vacation.

We were amazed by the spectacular beauty of the islands... lush, emerald green hillsides, intense blue skies, and turquoise water that was so bright I could hardly believe it was real.

And the weather! Bright sunshine and balmy breezes warmed our skin. The salty smell of the ocean and the sweet scents of tropical flowers and rich greenery filled our nostrils.

I felt like I'd discovered paradise. And every time I'm lucky enough to get back to the islands, I know I was right.

That first trip was filled with adventures. We swam and snorkeled the crystal-clear waters. We lazed on the beaches. We visited the fancy resorts and the elegant shops.

We explored the out-of-the-way spots, camped in the National Park, and hiked the remote trails and the old sugar plantation ruins. We even looked at real estate.

Since then, I've been back many times.

Lots of people ask me what they should know when planning to travel to the U.S.V.I. I wrote this site for them, and for YOU.

I am a very real person who has had the great fortune to visit these fantastic islands many times over the years.

Here's just a sample of the useful information and tips you'll find in

  • Best places to stay... whether you're on a budget or have "money to burn"
  • Don't-miss attractions
  • The single most beautiful beach in the Caribbean... and why you should avoid it from 10AM to 4PM
  • How to get around... and how not to
  • Virgin Islands Maps
  • Eating: from fancy restaurants to roadside stands to "cook-it-yourself" meals
  • Secret places even most locals don't know about
  • Dangers and annoyances
  • Tourist traps to avoid
  • The tremendous array of sports and activities available
  • and much more

This site is full of real, useful information and tips based on my real island experiences, and on the experiences of friends who also travel to the USVI.

Welcome. Come on in. Take your time and explore this site; there's lots of good stuff here for you, whether you're just curious, or already planning your vacation.

This is where I offer you my own honest opinions and judgments, and the opinions of other folks I trust who've also spent time in the Virgin Islands.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy everything you'll find here. My hope is that you'll get lots of useful information out of this site that will help you in your plans to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands.

U.S. Virgin Islands Vacation Guide
Guide to help you create your perfect US Virgin Islands vacation. Valuable facts, information, and tips for planning your USVI vacation including...
St Thomas USVI; Lively Heart of the Virgin Islands
St Thomas USVI is the lively nerve-center of the U.S. Virgin islands, the place where most visitors start, the most popular cruise destination in...
St John USVI: Unspoiled Gem of the U.S. Virgin Islands
St John USVI is the beautiful, unspoiled gem of the Virgin Islands. You'll discover spectacular natural beauty everywhere you look when you're...
St Croix, Dynamic, Diverse and Laid-Back U.S. Virgin Island
St Croix is the diverse, distinctive step-sister of the Virgin Islands. Larger and farther from the other islands, St Croix is known for laid-back...
Air Travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands
It's easy to get to the USVI by air. Travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands is simple from North America with lots of choices in airlines and...
Virgin Islands Transportation: Getiing Around the Islands
Your Virgin Islands transportation will usually be by taxi or rental car on the islands and by ferry or plane between islands unless you'll be...
Virgin Islands Hotels, Resorts, and Accommodations
Virgin Islands hotels and other accommodations come in a tremendous variety of choices to suit every taste and budget (well, almost!) The best way...
St Thomas Hotels: Resorts, Hotels, and Other Accommodations
St Thomas hotels: the variety seems endless. Find out your choices in luxury mega-resorts, small inns, condos, private villas, and every kind of...
St John Hotels; Hotels and Resorts on St John, US Virgin Islands
You'll find plenty of choices in accommodations. St John hotels in the true sense are just one of the many kinds of appealing places for you to...
St Croix Hotels, Resorts, Condos, and Other Accommodations
When you're exploring St Croix Hotels, you'll find everything from small, homey cottages to rental condos to plush, luxurious resorts that offer...
Best Virgin Islands Foods; Groceries, Restaurants, and Eateries
Fresh and delicious! That's how you describe Virgin Islands foods. With plenty of choices in restaurants and tasty foods you can cook yourself, you'll find...
St Thomas Restaurants: Favorite Low, Mid and High-end Dining
Here's where you'll find my best picks in St Thomas restaurants, including casual eateries and elegant dining spots, based on the real experiences of...
St John Restaurants: Favorite Dining Picks on St John
For such a small island, there's an awesome array of St John restaurants to choose from, ranging from cheap eats to world-class haute cuisine and...
St Croix Restaurants: Favorite Special Picks in St Croix Dining
There are plenty of great St Croix restaurants, ranging from simple and casual to high-end elegance, but one thing's for sure, you'll find...
Facts About the Virgin Islands
Find useful facts about the Virgin Islands here. Lots of fascinating information about America's Caribbean paradise to help you in planning your visit or...
Nature in the Virgin Islands: Spectacular Beauty and Splendor
Nature in the Virgin Islands is absolutely spectacular! Stunning land and seascapes, beautiful greenery, colorful flowers, and varied animals make...
Virgin Islands Sea Life: The Natural World Underwater
Virgin Islands sea life is so colorful, so interesting, so amazingly varied, it must be one of the great wonders of the islands. Just look under...
The Virgin Islands Physical Features
The physical characteristics are one of the most appealing aspects of the Virgin Islands. Physical Features include gorgeous coastlines, sweeping...
Maho Bay Camps: Eco-Campground on St John, USVI
Maho Bay is a legendary eco-friendly campground. Built to minimize impact on the environment, Maho offers you a beautiful setting surrounded by the Virgin Islands National Park.
Virgin Islands Cities
Virgin Islands cities are places where you'll find great shopping, a wide variety of restaurants and accommodations, and outstanding historical sights.
US Virgin Islands Hotels: Condo Resorts
When it comes to US Virgin Islands hotels, condo rental properties are something you should definitely consider. There are lots of USVI condos worth...
Virgin Island Vacations: How Long Will Your Trip Last?
The length of Virgin Island vacations is certainly one of the key factors in planning any trip. The time you have to spend will determine...
US Virgin Islands Vacations: Activities Available in the USVI
US Virgin Islands vacations offer an amazing variety of activities for you to enjoy. Check out this list of fun things to do on your trip to the USVI.
USVI Travel: Stay Put or Move Around
When you're planning your USVI travel itinerary, you'll need to decide whether you're going to stay in one place or move around. Your plan depends...
US Virgin Islands Vacation Planning - People Determine the Plan
The people taking part in your US Virgin Islands Vacation may be the most important factor in planning your trip. Where you stay, where you eat, the activities you choose, and the entire nature of...
Virgin Island Resort Guide
This Virgin Island resort guide shows you what you'll want to consider when looking for a resort in the US Virgin Islands. One of the secrets of...
Virgin Island Hotels: Small and Medium Sized
There's a variety of small and medium sized Virgin Island hotels that you might want to consider for your stay. Here's a discussion of these hotels.
US Virgin Islands Hotel Guide: Luxury Resorts
US Virgin Islands hotel resorts offer some of the most sumptuous accommodations available. Top level service, fantastic amenities, and locations on the best beaches typefy these...
Virgin Island Resorts - Facilities
Amenities at the top Virgin Island resorts are exceptional. You'll find a very impressive array of facilities at these high-end resorts. Here's a...
US Virgin Islands Resorts - Index
There are quite a few luxurious US Virgin Islands resorts. Each of the three major islands has several of these resorts. Here's a list of the major luxury resorts, sorted by island.
Frederiksted, St Croix
Frederiksted is the smaller of St Croix's two cities. It's a charming, historically rich town on the west coast with a number of attractions worth...
Christiansted VI Attractions
Christiansted VI is a town loaded with great attractions. You'll find fascinating sightseeing opportunities in town. Here's a list of places to explore.
Fort Christiansvaern
Fort Christiansvaern may be the most important historical structure on St Croix. It's certainly the most imposing building in Christiansted. You'll...
Christiansted, St Croix
Christiansted is the bustling heart of St Croix, its premier city, and a hub for tourism and much of St Croix's cultural and historic heritage. Learn the best...
US Virgin Islands Travel Tips and Guidelines
What should you know to make the most of your US Virgin Islands travel? Here are some useful tips, guidelines, and considerations to help you get the most out of your trip.
Virgin Island Vacation Safety Tips
There are some things to be aware of on your Virgin Island vacation. Here are some simple safety tips to ensure your trip stays fun and relaxing.
Virgin Island Travel Safety Tips
Safe Virgin Island travel is easy if you follow these common-sense guidelines. Make the most of your Virgin Island vacation with these simple precautions.
Buck Island Reef National Monument
Buck Island Reef National Monument is one of the most popular attractions on St Croix. This beautiful place is the only National Monument that's underwater. At its heart is Buck Island, a pristine...
Virgin Island Scuba Diving
Virgin Island scuba diving is one of the most popular activities in the islands. With dozens of great dive sites, and lots of licensed operators on each island, exploring the crystal-clear...
Water Island
Water Island is sometimes called the fourth Virgin Island. This little island is nestled right in Charlotte Amalie Harbor, just off the coast of St Thomas. It's a great place to get away from the...
Virgin Island Shark Attacks
There've been so few Virgin Island shark attacks over the last century that, compared to the millions of visitors coming to the islands each year, your odds...
Charlotte Amalie
Charlotte Amalie is the Capital of the Virgin Islands, the fast-paced, lively heart of St Thomas. You'll find a little bit of everything here, including...
Scuba USVI Dive Sites
You'll find lots of great sites to scuba USVI. Check out this list of some of the most popular dive sites in the US Virgin Islands as well as descriptions of...
Virgin Islands Scuba Sites on St Croix
Virgin Islands scuba opportunities abound on St Croix. You get great wall dives along the north coast, and excellent wreck and pier dives off the west coast. Check out this list of the most...
Virgin Islands National Park
Virgin Islands National Park is a priceless blessing. The park protects the untouched beauty of nature on St John. The preservation of this pristine...
Virgin Island History - The Danish Colonial Era
When it comes to Virgin Island history, the Danish Colonial period was among the longest lasting. For nearly 200 years, the U.S. Virgin Islands were the Danish West Indies.
St Thomas Hotel Guide to Medium and Large Hotels
St Thomas hotel guide. List of medium to large hotels on St Thomas with locations and descriptions of amenities, facilities, and prices.
Virgin Island Yacht Charter Guide
Virgin Island yacht charter guide. Learn about your choices in yacht charters in the Virgin Islands. Types of boats, costs, package deals, and more.
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Magens Bay Beach on St Thomas
Description and photos of Magens Bay beach on St Thomas. Magens Bay is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Learn more about this...