St John Vacation Rentals: Private Homes and Villas

Maybe you're thinking about St John vacation rentals, and you've decided that a traditional hotel, resort, or inn isn't for you.

Believe me, you still have plenty of options.

There are many, many private homes and villas available for rent on St John. A large number are in or near St John's main town, Cruz Bay. Others are in and around the town of Coral Bay, and quite a few more are scattered around the island.

You'll find every kind of house from quaint, compact cottages, to modest houses, to luxury homes, to huge, amazingly opulent villas. Prices range just as widely, starting from under $1,000 a week and ranging all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars weekly.

So what are some reasons you might want to stay in one of these St John vacation rentals?

In general, you'll enjoy a much more "home-like" environment than you would at any hotel or resort. That affords you several advantages.

For one thing, you'll have more privacy than at a hotel. For another, you'll have (in most cases) separate bedrooms, living room, and dining area. And, you'll have a fully equipped kitchen, or, at least, a decent kitchenette (a good kitchen is one of my personal most important features).

Service available at these St John vacation rentals varies. The usual minimum is periodic housekeeping service, ranging from as little as once or twice a week, up to daily or even twice daily cleaning. Some of the high-end places also include concierge service, cooks, and servants as part of the rental package.

Of course, there are some things that you can't get at these St John vacation rentals.

The private homes and villas obviously won't have restaurants, gift shops, and watersports centers or scuba facilities. Also, you won't get the "waited on hand and foot" service you can get at a luxury resort.

The bottom line is, you'll have to decide for yourself whether a private home or villa rental is your best option, based on your circumstances and personal preferences.

One of the best situations to consider renting a private home or villa is when traveling in a group.

Let's say you're traveling with your spouse and two other couples. A three-bedroom house or villa might be a better value compared to renting three hotel rooms. The same might also apply if you're traveling as a family with several children.

So how do you find these types of St John vacation rentals?

There are a large number of agencies that specialize in these properties. They usually offer a good selection of places with a wide range of locations, prices, sizes, and amenities. There are also a fair number of places that are offered directly by their owners.

Your best bet is to narrow down to a few choices, based on size, price, location, and amenities. Then, you can request a brochure or information package to better compare features and amenities among your final picks.

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