St Croix Vacation Rental Homes and Villas

Maybe you're considering a private St Croix vacation rental villa as an alternative to a traditional hotel or resort. There are plenty of private homes available for rent on a short-term basis.

You can find a range of homes from small, simple cottages to good-sized houses to huge, posh luxury villas. Quality, size and price range hugely. You can find small houses for under $1,000 a week, or rent a grand luxury villa for many thousands of dollars a week.

Is a private vacation rental the right choice for you? In the end, only you can decide. Your choice will depend on several factors.

There are a few things for you to consider when deciding whether you prefer a traditional hotel or a private St Croix vacation rental.

Here's a good starting list of things to think about:

  • Your personal preferences: do you like privacy and a "home away from home" feel or do you prefer "waited on hand and foot" service and lots of amenities at your fingertips?

  • Who you're traveling with: are you traveling by yourself, as a couple, or in a group?

  • Your budget. As a general rule, the larger your traveling group is, the more value you'll get from a private St Croix vacation rental.
So what are the advantages of a private St Croix vacation rental? For one thing, you'll have more privacy than at a hotel. For another, you'll generally have more space to spread out; that means more chance for a little separation between you and your traveling companions.

And of course, you'll typically get a very well equipped kitchen (one of my favorite features). That means you can prepare some of your own meals, and lay your hands on a quick midnight snack!

If you're traveling with a fair-sized group (for example, three or four couples, or a family with three or four kids) a private vacation home or villa can really make a lot of sense. When you compare the price to multiple hotel rooms, you might find a big savings with a house or villa.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to this kind of St Croix vacation rental. The most obvious is that you won't get the same level of amenities at your fingertips that you'd find at a resort-hotel.

A private villa won't have its own restaurant, gift-shop, watersports center or dive shop, and so forth. Also, the level of concentrated services that a resort offers (concierge, activities, babysitting, business services, etc.) may be lacking, or at least relatively limited. You'll also need a rental car, something you may not feel a need for if you're at a hotel or resort.

Where do you find vacation rental homes on St Croix?
Some owners advertise their homes directly, without an agency middleman. However, my advice is to use an agency that specializes in vacation rentals. That way, if something goes wrong, such as maintainence problems, you have someone to contact on the island who can help you.

There are several reputable agencies that specialize in St Croix vacation rental properties. Here are just a few:

Island Villas
Phone: (800) 626-4512, (340) 772-0420

CPMI Vacation Rentals
Phone: (800) 496-7379, (340) 778-8782

Bluewater Travel
Phone: (877) 840-1815, (340) 773-1902

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